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Kids are not being taught Civics anymore and...

That's a problem for the future of a stable America!

The Clerk's primary task is record keeping, in accordance with the Constitution, our youth... ALL need to understand it!

Kids are being Indoctrinated -- instead of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic!

Part of the Clerk's job is to work with the Bernalillo County Treasurer and Committee Members to make sure that everyone has the DATA for review to make great decisions.

While Straightening out the Education system in Bernalillo County is not technically the Job of the County Clerk -- a good County Clerk is analyzing the DATA all the time to find out how the County can be and do BETTER !!!


I've created the "Founders Foundation"

and it's charter is for the next 250 Years!

Learn about the grand plan...

Bernalillo County could be a leader in voter Policy Education

Younger Voters don't vote because the

Grand "Old" Party

Doesn't do very much to capture their attention!

Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube... Rumble, Gab, Truth Social

All want something that catches the attention...

So I've been experimenting with my Housemates from Gitzorpia...

To grab eyeballs and deliver important messages!

Are you SUPER CONCERNED about Voter Integrity and Post Election Transparency?

Well so am I... in a very big way!

Common Sense says:

If "someone" with Administrator Passwords
SELLS those passwords to someone...

Can ANY Machine Based Election
EVER be Secure??
Rhetorical Question, OBVIOUSLY, "NO"

Common Sense says:

If Bernalillo's IT Budget is limiting it's
Ability to Serve Bernalillo well...

It's time for someone with 49 years
of cutting edge experience in a multitude of industries to deliver a fresh look!!

Common Sense says:

Everyone knows our Secretary of State
beats up on her County Clerks...

I'm someone that won't run for a
second term
, so I can't be
threatened into doing the wrong thing.

You're doing something very different and exciting, please tell me more Robert !!

Creator of Albuquerque News:

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YOU can tell it, SOON...

Creator of Referendum Project support page: nmBadBills.com
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Built for your Voice!!
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Rumor has it you are building a "SECRET WORLD CLASS TOOL" for ALL Candidates... Please tell me more Robert !!


Because this ATTITUDE has to be FULLY REPLACED!!

Well, OK... there's the flags and slick stuff...

Now, together, let's get busy and get to work!!

About Robert Joseph Kwasny 

First born of Legal Immigrants,
joined the US Air Force...

During the Viet Nam conflict to serve his nation.
Learned to PROPERLY Learn in the military, top honors in Worldwide Secure Radio Communication Electronics.

Performance reviews always 10 out of 10.
Honorably Discharged after achieving rank faster than peers.

Personal and Business Pioneer... started Computer Businesses, Programming, Equipment Installations and Consulting in 1975 before the mouse, before IBM-PC, Microsoft or Apple.

Was involved with C-Level Executives at Ford, GM and NASA as well as hundreds of smaller corporations and companies to create and deliver JIT (Just In Time) Logistics, which had never been done before, giving the Auto Industry extreme new efficiencies.

Worked with thousands of Department Managers and employees to discover problem areas, refine Possible Solutions, created "Yellow Brick Road" Implementation paths and guided entire companies to successful new levels of efficiency in the areas of Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Distribution, Inventory Control, etc...

Co-Authored XoDOS, which made a single IBM-PC talk to 15 dumb terminals, causing each to act like a PC and all 16 were processing information 2.3x faster, than the single PC could without XoDOS.

Created some of the very first Artificial Intelligence 25 years ago before only Science Fiction Fans had EVER heard the term used. Works with AI on a DAILY BASIS... and will apply internally secured AI for the benefit of all the tasks required of the Bernalillo Clerk's Office. 

Did you know...???
The "Clerk"...

 Is one of the oldest known officials in local government with beginnings back in Ancient Greece.

The title is derived from the Latin "Clericus" where it meant a person who could read, write and serve as a notary or recorder.

English history shows that the role of the city clerk can be traced to 1272 AD.

A quote from Chief Justice Lord Caldecote, in a ruling in a legal case before the English Court during the Middle Ages says


“The office of town clerk is an important part of the machinery of local government. He may be said to stand between the local council and the ratepayers…”

Who am I? Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Created some of the First Large Language Model Artificial Intelligence circuits in 2002 on microprocessors, and the software to drive it all. I work with AI daily, and for the last 320 days I have built some of the finest resources for New Mexicans that need common sense answers to wicked problems that beset our beloved State of New Mexico. I created the best resource available to support the Referendum Project to neutralize the Six Bad Bills passed over the huge number of objections, nearly 1M objections, to give the voice back to the people so these bad bills would go on the ballot where they belong, not the backroom from whence they came. I am a common sense solution provider!

What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

New Mexico has dived to the bottom of everything good and is at the top of everything bad. It's so sad for me to see this beautiful state, destroyed by bad policies in this way. NM has nearly $50B in its Sovereign Funds and $3.5B in cash... there is NO REASON for our rankings, other than bad management. As County Clerk for the largest County by far... educating the Commissioners on how to improve each area of government, after careful research and analysis is where the MAGIC needs to happen. Bernalillo funds much of what Santa Fe mismanages because of the lack of preemptive discovery. I believe in my heart of hearts, that helping the Commissioners understand alternate scenarios could be responsible for the betterment of all citizens!!

What characteristics or principles are most important for an elected official?

Candidate Connection SurveyNOTHING is more irritating to a citizen than officials that dodge questions. It's one thing to not know and need time to research, another thing entirely when an official uses the power and weight of office to run the clock out and wear down someone making an inquiry. I believe doing so goes against the oath of office and that official should be called out for practicing that technique.

What is my First Key message for you?

The citizens of New Mexico have an advantage with me in the Position of Bernalillo County Clerk. My nearly five decades of experience is derived from listening to and solving the worst problems possible. The County Clerk must make use of the data entrusted to them and digest it on a regular basis for the County Board of Commissioners. Without Good Data, Commissioners are at risk of making bad decisions. We in NM have had enough of bad decisions, especially those coming from Santa Fe on a regular basis. As County Clerk for the largest County in NM, I feel it is my task to also coordinate with the other 32 county clerks to bring NM back from the edge of self destruction. Procedures I develop for Bernalillo will be shared with other counties!

What is my Second Key message for you?

Election Integrity is not just two words, it is EVERYTHING! What good is an election if the voter's wishes are subjugated by a County Clerk that does not preemptively protect the citizens that do vote? My Artificial Intelligence skills will be applied to Identify, Verify, Catalog and Insist on cleaning voter roles. I already created the system to do this work... it is on line and ready to go but has garnered nothing but blockage by the Secretary of State who continues to ignore requests for month after month. This is a travesty of the highest magnitude and undermines everything that is the basis of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I am not a person that rolls over when the going gets tough and you need a tough person!

What is my Third Key message for you?

Newspapers used to provide information for voters but newspapers are disappearing at paradigm shifting record rates. It should be up to the Clerk to start providing information that is now missing in elections on the various proposals, projects and initiatives in Common Sense, non-partisan language for the citizens. Since NM is 52% Hispanic, I am dismayed that there is a huge gap in providing information for Spanish Speakers. New Mexico, in-fact, has never even published the State Constitution in Spanish... I was stunned at that fact. So I actually translated it for publication. Information is the HEART of the Clerks Duties and you'll want an expert to make information available via Artificial Intelligence. That's my expertise!!

What are my views on financial transparency and government accountability?

There should be nothing hidden and those that attempt to hide anything that doesn't have to do with national security (even that needs a close look) should be subject to something very similar to the The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

The UCMJ is the primary reason that the military has had the highest respect of all entities in the government, however any attempts that are similar on the civilian side are so watered down they are essentially meaningless.

This is a huge problem that is currently being compounded by out of control "Law Fare" that are being created from within government. If I had the proverbial "magic wand" I would wave it at that problem!

There are Prosecutors that need to be prosecuted for their flagrant violations of the intent of the laws they are supposed to enforce... there are legislators that specifically work against the will of the people.

In New Mexico we have the Citizens Bill of Rights, Section 4A in particular that is supposed to be a remedy for problems surrounding when government accountability goes rogue -- but nobody is using it.

Probably the best thing that could happen for the future of Bernalillo and all of New Mexico, is having the Citizens be extremely aware of their options when no common sense communication seems to work with officials intent on their own career advancement, instead of what is best for the people they are supposed to be serving well.

What qualities does the Bernalillo County Clerk's office possess that makes it a unique and important part of the state government and legal system?

Bernalillo County is the most populated county in New Mexico.

The Bernalillo County Clerk's office needs to get back to the historical roll of "Clerk".

When Romans and Greeks started growing from tribes into villages, towns and then cities... the "Clerk" was the buffer of truth that could be relied on to have the "data" on hand to settle any dispute between persons, between citizens and their legislators.

When you look at that history, you see that problems amplify when the "Clerk" isn't doing top notch work. Yes, recording births and deaths, marriages and divorce, proposals, bills and laws, and making sure the transcripts of meetings in the public sphere are a critical part of state governance and the legal system suffers when the Clerks records are not first rate.

Beyond records creation and retrieval, there is a newer element that is possible and that is rapid analysis of the records for what I call preemptive guidance.

I have been doing this for the commercial world in my career and it should be done in the political service realm as well.

There are little-known powers or responsibilities held by the County Clerk's office that I believe more people should be aware of...

Here are my thoughts.

The power of ingesting the records and presenting the information within those records, in a narrative, easily understood way.

The power of Artificial Intelligence is upon us to be used correctly or unwisely...

If used correctly, my 20+ years as an Artificial Intelligence pioneer could be applied to the Bernalillo County Clerks office to serve the people in ways completely inconceivable in just the last few years!

It can completely open up the door of transparency of the operations of the county, but beyond that...

We can measure the impact of what various proposals might have for the county by applying the content of proposed bills to the data on handl

Preemptively avoiding potential mistakes, exposing potential pitfalls and heralding big wins if the data supports that a proposed bill is going in that direction.

Certification of Elections is however the most important of all duties. It must be done well, rapidly and accurately. Before an Election is Certified, the Clerk must compare the records of the County to insure that the records reflected in the Secretary of State's system -- are Identical

I was asked if I believe that it's beneficial for holders of the County Clerk's office to have previous experience in government or politics.

If a holder of office has experience in guiding a group of stakeholders through a process... that's important experience.

If a person can debate logically, that is important experience. If a person knows how to work and be responsive, that's the experience that should be a factor in holding an office.

If a person has managed large teams, that's a factor too. I personally have had as many as 58 reporting to me... which is about 3x more than the average in managerial scenarios... so if someone has a patriach or matriarch mentality and they fall apart when their team gets larger than an average large family unit... they are not suitable for holding a larger office of responsibility.

If they are not good delegators and are not familiar with juggling many projects simultaneously... they are not likely to be a good office holder.

So, depending on HOW THEY DID... in their previous Government or Political history... to me is more determinate in predicting how they might do in a larger role.

Too often however, the average citizen has observed the "party machine" that advances those loyal to the party instead of loyal to the people.

Measure the results, not the affiliation to government service or party is my answer...

In the private sector, many Department Level or C suite individuals are completely capable of running circles around those that chose the political or governmental path to garner their personal experience...

Then, there are others that manage very well indeed. It's all about the individual.

I was asked what kind of skills or expertise do I believe would be the most helpful for the holders of this office to possess?

In nearly 50 years of systems analysis, what happens is that you have the most in-depth conversations in the field of problem solving imaginable.

Most people never have the luxury of getting that level of experience.

We will be facing HUGE paradigm shifting problems that will need solving, solving rapidly. But more than that, if a County Clerk cannot preemptively predict when the county will be in a year or two, five or ten... then what you will have is a great deal of leading from behind. Never a good thing!

In industry, it is the kiss of death for a company! Especially in the field of Information Technology which according to the current Deputy Clerk, IT has been the red headed step child of the goals of the County.

This is a horrible misunderstanding of the way to manage. The clerk recently had a security intrusion that was almost solved with having to pay Ransomware... there is no way that should have happened but there are skills of analysis of the offerings of vendors and services that have to be understood at very, very high levels... not simply that Jack or Jane Salesperson seems like a nice person so we should do the deal with them.

The ability to determine the line correctly between new and emerging tech that is extremely powerful, and tried and true existing tech... is a hyper important skill.

Too many people don't have the skills to determine technically, what they are looking at, how it compares and how it came to be... all important factors in the world of the Clerks Data Silo world of Information Technology.

Without doubt, there will need to be rapid changes and knowing the line between the leading edge, bleeding edge and being hopelessly behind -- is critical. And for that... you need team management, goal setting and follow up abilities.

I was asked, who do you look up to? Whose example would you like to follow, and why?

Leonardo Di Vinci...

Hands down is the most amazing human I'm aware of -- because he is the polar opposite of the proverbial "One Trick Pony". People see a Pony using it's hoof to count out a math problem or to answer yes or no to questions... but while its very entertaining, it's all a show.

Leonardo was the real deal... in absolutely everything he did, he did it better than any of his peers. And, that is because he had no peers. From nutrition to art, mechanics to human anatomy, education, record keeping, tutoring -- the very definition of the Renaissance Man that I've always aspired to become. What a guy!!

Varied Experiences MATTER... in problem solving. There might be a mechanical answer, or something from physics. When you cross-pollinate your problem solving with a variety of disciplines, it's amazing what happens. Get a burr stuck on your socks, invent velcro... have a chemistry problem, might have an answer because you cooked an meal and ruined it...

I've applied his attitude to my attitude... it allowed me to teach college classes, without a degree because I arranged to hire graduates in my businesses on the proviso that they must tutor me. Took contracts that would be challenging, when software was lame, I partnered with the smartest person alive to help create a version of Microsoft's MSDos that was faster and controlled 15 dumb terminals that worked better than anything Microsoft did. 360 degree Optics, Aviation, Electronics, automotive racing engines, Graphene, Nanotechnology, Organic Chemistry, Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology are topics that I could speak comfortably with experts in those fields.

Being in all those fields... has served me well. I have created solutions that were #1 products for years running. All because of Leonardo Di Vinci -- except... when I draw human anatomy... it always comes out as stick figures. Still working on that one!

Robert Joseph Kwasny

for Bernalillo County Clerk

New Clerk for NM all rights reserved 2024

You help me... Robert Joseph Kwasny
and I'll help you
 turn New Mexico in a much better direction...

Should be EASY... according to the stats... it can't get much worst, sadly... 
Together, LET'S FIX IT !!